Some women can steal your heart by their beauty, some can steal your mind by their intelligence and others can steal your soul their presence. But if you meet the one who can steal your everything without doing anything,thatโ€™s the one made for you.

โ€“ Everyone has a story


Now you will tell me who I am…

“Behave like a girl” what it means…??? just because I m not dress up like a doll I don’t care about my hair clothes and shoes. Just because I don’t tolerate any wrong words from anyone . Just because I am not so friendly with strangers and yes sometimes I react like a guy (mostly when I am angry)….. If you are good with me then I am not even mad who will talk to you like crazy and many more things that you think about me but doesn’t mean that I m not a girl. I do what I like I clearly say that if I don’t like anything. I don’t need any makeup or any other stuff who showed me like a cupcake . I will never be a well behaved girl but I don’t care about people. I m happy with myself and its enough for me.